Episode 009 | Cruise with Petrolhead

Fueled by love

以品牌 Petrolhead 為設計靈感

創作出與 Petrolhead 風格相襯的服飾系列



讓情侶和家人們一齊 Mix & Match

Princess Belle Blouse

Peony Shirt

Louise Patched Blazer

Louise Overalls (Light Brown/Dark Brown/Navy/Grey)

Louise Beret (Light Brown/Navy/Grey)

Louise Bag (Light Brown/Navy/Grey)

Giselle Long Coat (Light Brown/Dark Brown/Navy)

Giselle Button Skirt (Natural/Light Brown/Dark Brown/Navy/Grey)

Cosette Collar (Light Brown/Dark Brown/Navy/Grey)

Belle Ruffles Long Skirt (Light Brown/Dark Brown/Navy/Grey)

Choco and Luffy (Natural/White)

Cosette Hat (Dark Brown/Navy/Grey)

Camille Vest Dress (2 ways) (Navy/Grey)

Audrey Waist Band Dress (2 Ways) (Navy/Grey)

Little Princess Audrey Jacket (Light Brown/Navy/Grey)

Little Alice & Lucie (Light Brown/Navy/Grey)

Little Camille Vest Dress (Light Brown/Navy/Grey)

Kaytiquette x FREE RAGE X Take 5 環保袋 (白色)

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